MPD_sima’s documentation

MPD_sima is meant to auto-magically queue tracks in MPD, it is a non interactive client for MPD.

Actually there is no magic involved, it relies on music metadata found in music files tags and external information providers such as Then to use MPD_sima (or any advanced music players, MPD among them), you need to ensure your library is correctly tagged (see Music library metadata convention).

The default setting for MPD_sima is to queue similar artists thanks to suggestions but there are other possibilities, see Configuration examples.

To queue tracks from similar artists:
  • start playing a track in MPD

  • launch MPD_sima

# runs against localhost MPD (or whatever is set in MPD_HOST/MPD_PORT)

# runs against a specific MPD server
mpd-sima --host

To start in random queuing mode:

# Adds 5 tracks at random when there is only 1 track in the queue
mpd-sima random 5

Unix Manuals

These manual pages were written for the Debian system (and may be used by others).

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