*nix distributions

Use your package manager, there are packages for Debian (and probably derivatives) and Arch via AUR.

Python virtualenv

# create venv
python -m venv mpd_sima-venv
# activate
. ./mpd_sima-venv/bin/activate
# Install the application
pip install MPD_sima
# Print help message
mpd-sima --help

From Source

Virtualenv installation from source:

Run python ./ from the source to generate the python virtualenv and install requirements.

It will setup a virtualenv within a “venv” directory (same level as file). It should also write a shell wrapper to run mpd-sima within the virtualenv.

# Clone master branch
git clone -b master
# setup virtualenv
python ./
./vmpd-sima --help

To restart from scratch or pull latest changes

# Get into the local git repo (here sima directory)
cd sima
# Remove virtualenv
rm -rf ./venv
# Fetch and merge latest changes
git pull
# setup virtualenv
python ./
./vmpd-sima --help